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Valentine Day Romantic Ideas: Christmas is over and you are well underway with New Year’s resolutions, it is time to gear up for the next commercial holiday—Valentines Day. You might be groaning inside with the idea of all the planning and expense that normally has to go into such a day, but this article is to help you remember the fun involved with the day and suggest how you can turn it into a day with fun things to do for yourself.

Do you remember when you were a kid before romance had much to do at all with the holiday? You would give each kid in your class one of those silly valentines with funny valentine poems. There were plenty of things to do for Valentine’s Day. There was lots of candy, giggling about a special boy or girl, games, and innocent flirting.

As you got older, there were more expectations. While friends still exchanged cards, couples became more important. A gift was expected. On that day valentine gifts traditionally include dinner, candy, flowers, jewelry, lingerie, etc. Your love became proved by the gift you received and gave. Even if you tried to be romantic, it puts pressure on you to come up with something better the next time. Sound familiar?

Valentine Day Romantic Ideas

This no longer has to be. I say that it is time to reclaim Valentine’s Day to the fun and innocence it used to be. Here are some fun (and inexpensive) ideas to rekindle love.

1. Make some homemade valentines for your lover. Write some funny valentines poems. Leave them around the house or the office to be discovered throughout the day. Make him/her smile.

2.Buy some of those little conversation heart candies and eat a silent meal together except what can be said through sign language and candy hearts.

3.Leave some lingerie hidden for your man and create a scavenger hunt for him to find them. (Can reverse the role if more appropriate or fun). Reward, you wearing it!

4.Make chocolate cupcakes together and put on the pink frosting.

If you are not in a relationship, you can still adapt this to have fun with your kids or your friend (understandably without the lingerie stuff). Rent a cheesy romance and giggle like when you were a kid.

Some of the most Valentine Day romantic ideas are the simple things you do together. So no matter what the gift, funny poem, or fun things you do enjoy each o Don’t give in to all the commercialism and greed. Showing love is more than buying expensive things for each other. It is about laughter, joy, and friendship. Show love.

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