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Friday, March 29, 2017

The CAA tests the hypothesis that water buffalo on the march in the Durgapur dist can be made to carry the first load of rice on a single trip from their temporary enclosures near the Ranikutha barrage to Ghateuli village. The first load consist of 6.5 tons of rice (purchased by the state government) and 1.3 ton of rice that they themselves have produced.

This is the second phase of a trial which commenced on 8th March and which will run for three weeks. The objective of the project is to familiarise the buffaloes with different types of agricultural commodities and therefore create a more productive and sustainable use of water buffalo for farmers in the district. The CAA has also reported that the buffaloes can be used to cultivate land near the Durgapur barrage.

In the third phase of the trial, the CAA is going to evaluate what effect the test has on the conservation of both the rice and the water buffalo.


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Constipation has been shown to occur in patients with anorexia nervosa (AN). However, little is known about the nature of evacuations performed by AN patients with AN. To examine the evacuation difficulties and frequency of evacuation problems, as well as the need to hospitalise patients with AN in relation to laxative use in the management of this disorder. Data were collected during routine clinical management of anorexia nervosa in a large public sector psychiatric hospital in Bangkok, Thailand. Patients were followed up prospectively for 3 months post-discharge, with the outcome measure being whether a patient needed to hospitalise. Data was collected on 114 patients with a mean age of 21.82±8.94 years old. Of these patients, 64% reported that they had problems with evacuation, with one-third of those patients requiring hospitalisation. This was significantly associated with a history of enema use (P=.001) and stool withholding (P=.0001). Of those patients who did report problems with evacuation, 92% of patients reported constipation, with only one-third (35%) using laxatives. The combination of enema use and a history of stool withholding were significant predictors of patients with AN having problems with evacuation (PQ:

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