REPACK Download For Usb Xtaf Xplorer Slashr

REPACK Download For Usb Xtaf Xplorer Slashr

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Download For Usb Xtaf Xplorer Slashr

Apr 16, 2010
Hello again everyone, So I decided to do a little more research into this and I found this website .
I am hoping to get some more information and I also wanted to find out if anyone has any more experience with this process and if I have any better luck with this method.
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Apr 16, 2010
I have a xbox and a laptop. I wish to share my files on the xbox via the laptop via usb. I have all the software installed and tested. However, i am having a problem seeing the folder in ubuntu on laptop when connected to xbox.
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May 5, 2010
Well I have made some progress, I can extract files from a memory card on my laptop but when I try to read them back to the xbox it wont work. I am new to ubuntu so am a little confused.
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xbox-360- content/apps/40e24e80e7d0cce3-xbox-360-usb-storage-explorer-xplorer-xtaf-v32-beta. 39) go back to slashr, delete old profile
Nov 3, 2010
Hello there, I have a question about the speed in which Xtaf can read/write to a 360 hard disk. I am transferring data from an old style .
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