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This powerful tool helps you create custom icons from any digital image. After loading an image you can add text on to the icon, resize it, draw freely on the loaded image and apply any number of special effects.

Fontastic is a simple, but powerful tool. Fontastic is used to generate a set of files (.ttf and.woff) for use on Android. They can be used to replace the installed system fonts, or for all needed fonts for an app.

Dimblet is a powerful QR Code Generation tool, with a simple interface. It can use both image-based and database-based QRCode creation. It also allows you to use existing databases to generate QR Codes with selected features.

Color Palette is an easy to use application that lets you create and save customized color palettes from a set of images that you have selected.

In addition to creating color palettes, the app also lets you change the background and font color of the palettes created. You can create unlimited palettes and share them with your friends.

With Color Palette you can create and manage color palettes for screensavers. You can also choose a set of images to use for creating the screen savers. The screensavers will be displayed on each screen of your PC or laptop.

Color Palette allows you to choose from any image that has either transparent or solid area. You can choose different modes for screen savers like:

Default Screen Saver

Day Light Savings

Flickering Screen Saver

Old TV Screen Saver


Color Palette Description:
With Color Palette you can create and manage the color palettes for your screensavers. You can create unlimited palettes and share them with your friends.

Create animated screensavers and manipulate images with TextWave. It has been designed to be your best tool for creating and optimizing screensavers.

With TextWave you can:

Import any image with transparent or non-transparent area.

Import a text file and apply it to the transparent area.

Support for text, colors, gradients and more.

Create screensavers, Photo Albums, Photo Stacks, Animated GIF and JPEG animations.

TextWave Description:
TextWave is an easy to use photo editor and utility to batch rotate, create screensavers, edit photos, create photo albums, create photo stacks and more.


Icons Crack + Activation Key

* Easy to create and edit Icons Cracked Accounts of any size
* You can adjust colors and placement of the icon (on different layers)
* Icons Cracked Accounts are saved in various formats and compressed (with RAR, ZIP, TAR, GZIP) for easy transportation
* Supports vector and raster-type images
* More than 50 icons included
* Create graphics by hand or using images downloaded from the Internet
* Supports text. Text is placed on each icon separately and can be edited later
* Powerful batching-tools to build graphic collections, compressed archives
* Icons are small and light-weight, because the components are distributed separately to the program

From the manufacturer:
“My friend, Mark Thomas asked me to help him make icons for his new website. I had to buy the original Psykobibor software and had to learn how to use it, but I’m so glad I did. Icons offers us the chance to create our own custom icons and to save them as images. It’s a great software, one of the best I’ve ever seen.”

Product Reviews

Review of Icons by Freewarezone

1 Stars

Viruses over softwareSissy

3 Stars


4 Stars

must be downloaded this weekend first.

5 Stars

nice software. I was ready for icons.

5 Stars

very easy to use

3 Stars

Icons very easy to use with a great user interface, but I’m not sure how well it will transfer over to a Windows. If only I had known this before I downloaded this software, it would have saved me a lot of time and resources.

1 Stars

just too high

3 Stars

not bad, but…

3 Stars

nice idea.

5 Stars

just an awesome app

5 Stars

I’ve used this for a few months and it’s working great! Icons is easy to download, easy to use, and has lots of icons built in. No problem loading a new image, a larger image, or a (small) image with text.

5 Stars

Works great.

5 Stars

this stuff is good

5 Stars

I have had nothing but good luck with this so far.

5 Stars


3 Stars

Icons is a wonderful program but only works

Icons Full Version [April-2022]

This is the full…

Wings 3 is a fully featured, easy to use, multi-platform software program to convert bitmap images to vector graphics. It comes with an assortment of wizards to make it easy to get started. It includes the following features:
– Convert Windows bitmaps to SVG
– Transform Windows bitmaps to SVG vector graphics
– Convert Windows…

PS4 is a powerful icon editor to create icons for Windows desktop, Windows Mobile, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Android and other mobile applications. It supports 15 formats of icons, including PNG, ICO and SVG. Thus, it can be used to create most icon styles.
PS4 features:
– Supports 15 icon formats including…

WYSIWYG script editor is aimed at web designers, who are often stuck with text replacement apps and lack of a complete script editor. Script editor has advanced code editor with syntax highlighting, file and path navigation, live preview, improved file/folder browsing, favorite code snippets and many more goodies. It’s an…

QEid is a program to open and save photos and videos created with the popular image editing program Gimp. QEid manages the files imported in the application and allows you to save the photos and videos you import in various file formats (JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc.).
File Import and Export
QEid imports files in a number of formats, including…

Lazarus is a development environment for applications on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X and the most popular free software development platform for web-based applications. Lazarus is open source project maintained by more than 600 developers, which is also the official IDE for Embedded Free Pascal by the Free Pascal…

lazframe is a small LGPL2.1 / MIT / GPL2.0 / GPL3 compatible open source C++ class library for taking frame-by-frame snapshots of 4 – 640×480 JPEG or PNG images. It can be used in any application written with C++11 standard compliance but it can be also used as a standalone application for quickly taking…

HomeMadeHTML is a software for creating clean, professional Web pages, even on your Windows computer. It helps you create professional HTML pages and save them as Word, PDF, JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP and HTML file formats.HomeMadeHTML has a powerful built-in HTML editor that includes:
* 8-way text positioning
* Very fast…


What’s New in the?

*Icons make any image look beautiful and fun.* Quickly create professional icons and custom images from just about any digital image.* Easily add text over images to make beautiful, professional looking icons.* Easily create colorful icons using solid colors from any digital image.* Easily create icons with any color, size, and resolution from any digital image.* Draw freehand on images to quickly add a special effect or to create very professional looking icons.* Drag images from your hard drive into the application’s design and load your image.* Easily save, save your icons, and save your custom icons in different formats.* Export all of your icons as a single file or many separate files.* Import icons from BMP, ICO, JPEG, JPEG 2000 and PNG format.* Import and export 7-, 8-, or 12-bit color.
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System Requirements For Icons:

• OS: Windows 10 64bit, Windows 8 64bit or Windows 7 64bit or Windows Server 2012 R2 64bit
• Processor: AMD FX-8350, Intel i7 3770K, Core i7 5960X, Core i5 6600K, Core i5 7600K, Core i5 7400, Core i5 750, Core i3 3220, Core i3 7100
• Memory: 8GB RAM (16GB for Ultra settings)
• Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 650, NVIDIA GTX 660, NVIDIA GTX 660




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