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The world of Tarnished is a fictional world created by Fun & I. We offer you a vast and connected world that you can freely travel to, experience the thrill of clashes with other players or monsters, and enjoy a wide range of content.

Please enjoy the game as a single player and get back to us with feedback.



– An Introduction of Tarnished

(The Lands Between)

1. Introduction
The Lands Between is the world between the open fields and the dungeons in Tarnished.
2. Story
The Lands Between have a history that predates the lands of the world of Tarnished. The people of the area struggled to survive in a harsh world. One person who stood up against the onslaught of disaster, and with the power of the Elden Ring Crack Mac, was called the Dark Savant. He was said to have the power to destroy the existence of the lands of Tarnished, and the people could only hope that his power would not destroy the world beyond their reach.
Shortly after his death, the Dark Savant’s powers were destroyed and their existence was brought to an end.
Having received the power of the Elden Ring Product Key by the will of the Dark Savant, an Elden Lord would be born in the Lands Between.

3. Features
– A new fantasy action RPG that combines elements of role-playing games such as a variety of characters, statistics, and equipment
– A huge world where you can freely travel to any location on the map
– Battles against numerous enemies and monsters with a wide variety of skills, weapons, and magic
– A vast adventure where you can meet dozens of other players, and a variety of content, such as runes and quests, are waiting to be discovered
– Discover secrets with hints and quests, as well as more than 40 types of items
– Nine classes, six races, and dozens of skills await you
– Whether you play alone, have a buddy in a multiplayer game, or connect to other players, enjoy a high sense of game logic and realistic responses

4. Contents
• Main Character
The main character, who can freely customize the appearance, gender, class, skills, and more.
– Ace Traveler: The main character is a man of few words who was left to kill the monsters in a place he wishes to forget. The world is his reason for existence, and he


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Sleek and high-definition graphics.
  • Spiritual quest. Because players are all Elden Lords, they have all experienced the loss of their friends by traveling together. The situation of the world when they leave is magically recreated, and the group leader can travel with them.
  • Seamless gameplay. In addition to the main story, there are numerous optional quests in the game. In order to complete them, you are given the chance to enjoy a world that is filled with enthusiasm.
  • An Epic Drama Born from Myth. A unique online play that allows you to directly connect with other players and travel together.

    Information about the Region of Elden Ring

    Elbrus: a region of darkness with total destruction that connects the Lands Between.
    CJ: a dark shadow of Elden Call, sealed and devoured by the emotions of all the deceased players.
    GRAUGH: the Land of Grendll, created as the destination of the deceased players. In this day, it has been gradually changed to the Land of Death.

    Northern Castle: the region of the Northern Tribe of Elden Ring. It is surrounded by the atmosphere of madness and it is a balanced battleground between the two opposing sides of these lands.
    Ruin Castle: the regional capital of the East Lands. It is there in which Elden Lords are to be developed.
    Book Town: the tavern of the West. The life that abandons the civilization is filled with laughter.

    More information on Elden Ring

    Warmoes’ website (in Japanese): >

    Schedule: Christmas Day 14th Dec 22nd 7:00-18:00, 22nd-31st Dec 7:00-18:00, 30th Jan 7:00-18:00

    Production team

    Class President, Stenographer, Directors, Program Directors

    • Japanese teams “Elf Stenographer” and “Greed :).”
    • English teams “Surprise to the Seven


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      • “A great blend of RPG, Strategy, and Action, an all new fantasy action RPG RPG.”
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      ※ 中文版はこちら: O’Neill

      Jill O’Neill is an American voice actress and comedian. She has played main and supporting roles in various English-language versions of Japanese anime series such as Pretty Cure and Sailor Moon, including The Powerpuff Girls and Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s. She provided the voice of the title character in Stickin’ Out, a stop motion children’s show she produced and directed in Canada. She has also played bit parts in various American-produced shows such as 90210, 7th Heaven, The Jamie Foxx Show, Fat Albert, Full House, Grey’s Anatomy, and Queer as Folk.

      O’Neill has been working as a voice actress since 1991, and is currently living in Los Angeles.


      Anime dubbing
      Bonobono – Mei
      Crayon Shin-chan – Chiaki Sudo/Reno-kun
      Dragon Ball Z – Chi-Chi (Portuguese dub)
      Digimon Tamers – Minami (Season 1)
      Digimon Tamers – Midori (Season 2)
      Firehouse – Alison McNeil (TV show)
      Ganbare! Popeye – Gypsy
      Golgo 13 – Mila O’Dea
      The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy – Del Griffith, Nurse, various characters
      Hanaukyo Maid Team (Season 2)
      Haunted Junction – Cindy (ep. 30)
      Heaven’s Lost Property – Tamiko (ep. 2)
      Keroro Gunsou – Keroro’s mother
      Lupin III – Eniko (ep. 53)
      Mister Ajikko – Mrs. Takamura
      Neon Genesis Evangelion – Ayame, Satsuki
      Nintama Rantarō – Yuzu’s mother
      Paranoia Agent – Kanda Ishido
      Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch – Girl (young), Girl (older)


      Elden Ring Crack + Serial Key

      1-4 Core, 1-4 Tired, 1-4 Ambitious, 1-4 Experimental, 2-4 Magic
      1-4 Characters

      1-3 Fight, 1-3 Mobility, 1-3 Strength

      1-4 Core, 1-4 Tired, 1-4 Ambitious, 1-4 Experimental, 2-4 Magic1-4 Characters1-3 Fight, 1-3 Mobility, 1-3 Strength

      3-3 Vast World (Navigation with Auto-Path)

      3-3 Hand-Drawing

      3-3 Core, 3-3 Tired, 3-3 Ambitious, 3-3 Experimental, 3-3 Magic

      3-3 Characters

      3-3 Fight, 3-3 Mobility, 3-3 Strength

      3-3 Core, 3-3 Tired, 3-3 Ambitious, 3-3 Experimental, 3-3 Magic3-3 Characters3-3 Fight, 3-3 Mobility, 3-3 Strength

      Main Scenario A

      Start: Wit Your Party at (For Your Party)

      Story: Once Upon a Time in the Land Between

      Game Mode (Single): Story Mode

      The Knight is the Life and Force of the Lands Between.
      (1) Around a Decent Subject; (2) Begin a New History; (3) A Unique Life
      When Tarnished was born, he had a destiny to protect the vast world. But he was stolen away. He was forcibly sent to the Land Between, where he was blinded, and confused. He was treated badly, and made a slave. His only desire was to meet again with his family. Now is his chance. He must overcome the ordeal of blindness, and become a Knight of the Land Between.
      The legendary Life and Force of the Lands Between. There are three knights left on this earth. The life of the world. Like a mirror, they always exist in the Worlds Between.

      Main Scenario B

      Start: Wit Your Party at (For Your Party)

      Story: Once Upon a Time in the Land Between

      Game Mode (Single): Story Mode

      The Thief is the Gift and Merciless One of the Lands Between.
      He steals, then leaves the wasted dream of other men. He is the opposite of Tarnished. He does not rule, but instead lives as an am


      What’s new:

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      Google Play

      Play Store

      Download links for Japan: 



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      From the makers of The Witcher comes the new fantasy action RPG – Rise, Tarnished.
      Rise, Tarnished is the original story of Nilfgaard, the Empire that has conquered the world. Nilfgaard and the lands it has occupied thrive in the sweat and blood of its inhabitants. The Empire has not yet conquered your lands, nor is it interested in it.
      To survive, the game takes place in the Lands Between, the lands between our world and the one of the Empire. A place where The Law is not as strict as in the Empire, where danger lurks in every corner, where anything can be disguised.
      It can be forged into a weapon by the Heroes of the Lands Between, but it can also be used by any unsavory character.
      Rise, Tarnished is the tale of a former Grey Warden and the fearless mage they empowered.
      Rise, Tarnished is a AAA fantasy action role-playing game inspired by the works of the Witcher series. Be the hero that awaits you in the Lands Between.
      Your character’s development is personal and customizable, as you can create and equip your own gear to suit your play style. Choose from hundreds of equipment items to customize your character as you see fit.
      Rise, Tarnished is inspired by the popular role-playing game franchise “Witcher.”
      The story revolves around the life of Jarlaxle Baenre. A mercenary and the most powerful burglar that ever existed,


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    System Requirements:

    Celestial Storm: No Requirements
    Dragon Breathe: Either P1.1 or P2.1 is required to face an Allosaurus
    Massive Jade Wind: Either P1.1 or P2.1 is required to face a Chompan the Hulking Mammoth
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    Additional Information

    Name Elden Ring
    Publisher Administrator
    Format File
    Rating 4.70 / 5 ( 8097 votes )
    Update (9 days ago)


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