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Name Elden Ring
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■ Japanese Voice and English Voice are offered
・In the Voices section of the menu, you can choose between Japanese voice and English voice
-For the voices, English and Japanese voices are offered
-In the F1 combo system, Japanese voice and English voice are offered
-Icons are displayed on the bottom screen as they are composed.

-The composition of the BGM is based on the time setting.
-The BGM is composed using the F1 Combo System
You can listen to the music

■ New main characters, new zones, and more
New characters and new main quests with the main character “Elder” have been added to the game.
・A young hero of the Lands Between.
-A leader of the Great Alliance, who has dedicated himself to clearing out various dungeon traps and preventing monsters from invading
・Fun characters that have just arrived in the game.
-A character called “Tarnished” who is a no-nonsense woman with a heavy sense of duty and grace
-New characters such as Gefe and the Old Folks have been added as NPCs.
The battle area “Darko Lake” has been added as a new zone.
・New zones have been added to the game
-A large battle area, the “Eldan Kingdom.”
-A large town in the Lands Between
-A large field
-A large battle area with a distinct three-dimensional structure.
-A dungeon with three-dimensional structures
-A forest
-A stone area
-An area with a large population of a monster known as “Necromancer”
-A large town
-An area with a large population
-A field
-An area with a large population
・New boss battles have been added to the game
-In the Loot Area, you can obtain a variety of weapons and armor
-In Boss Battles, you can fight with bosses with powerful attacks
-A variety of enemies
-Battle scenes with a high sense of action
・You can collect items and loot in battle
-Items that you receive from battles include not only weapons and armor but also food and other useful items
・You can craft items you find in battle
-You can craft items


Features Key:

  • Extended War of Aggression: The Old World is covered by rifts that significantly changes the landscape. The death toll for dwarves and elves has been rising, but it is essential that we take the battle to the Old World. The rifts have recently begun expanding and forming “Forbidden Lands” as a shortcut to the Old World.
  • Immersive Maps: You can freely move around the many 3D map environments at any angle and altitude with the ART or ARW keys. If you play for 20 minutes a day, you should encounter 50 maps and be able to find all the important NPCs at max distance of 500 feet.
  • Three-dimensional Art: Both an enormous 3D environment and rich 2D creatures are the result of excessive effort put in by artists and animators. The work of creating 3D images is an increasingly dangerous job, but it is always enjoyable for us. Many hands are working together to create this world, so play and enjoy it. Free roam on the huge 3D environment when you have no dungeon entrances near you.
  • Equipment Quality: Every item in the game is carefully made to last. Every weapon and armor item has its unique statuette, which you can display in your home town. Upgrade equipment that has been damaged and use it again to turn them into consumables.
  • A heavy-hitting battle begins when Tarnished Armor becomes available to Elves! 


    A Tarnished Armor is equipped that grants every Elves the statuette of an arm bracele. Every character has unique arm bracele. You could receive arm bracele that have enchanted magic. Because elves are a sacred nation we usually give arm bracele to our priests.

    Every battle will be epic:!


    • You can strike your enemies at any distance with precision
    • Can hit all kinds of enemies with ease, including fliers and difficult targets
    • Has special Arunima skills that scales your attack power with the distance between the target and yourself
    • Has unique ‘Elden Ring


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      RPG-Style Online RPG Gameplay Structure
      The following is a description of the action RPG game play system in Tarnished Soul.

      More than 10 years have passed in the fantasy action RPG game world. Unlike previous games, which were centered on single characters, Tarnished Soul is a multilayered action RPG where 2-4 players can interact with each other.

      The following is a table that shows the differences between Tarnished Soul and previous games.

      Game Appeal (Action)
      Being an action RPG, the appeal of Tarnished Soul is basically the same as previous games, but we plan to have further improvements from the one that was released in 2001.

      Tactical Turn-Based Combat
      The order of action is determined by the person attacking, and if a player is attacked, they are required to dodge and counterattack to be able to successfully counterattack.

      In addition, when an enemy attacks, your primary action is to counterattack against the enemy.

      Characters have a turn-based battle system in which the order of attack is determined by the person attacking. If a character is attacked, they are required to dodge and counterattack to be able to successfully counterattack.

      Furthermore, when an enemy attacks, your primary action is to counterattack against the enemy.

      Next, we will explain the tactical actions that appear on the screen and key actions that you can perform while moving and attacking.

      On the screen, certain things on the left and right sides of the screen will appear and disappear on a certain time.

      Left and Right Actions
      Action input commands appear on the left and right sides of the screen.

      Left actions: While you are idle, you can either cast magic at the enemy or dodge their attack.

      Input Command



      Touch the action button on your controller.



      Touch the action button on your controller.


      Input Command


      Press the action button on your controller.


      Main Actions



      Right actions: When the inputs and commands on the left side are complete, the battle system will continue.

      If an input command is performed during the battle system, this command will be cancelled and the previous command will not be cancelled.

      Input Command


      You can move the camera using the left action.


      What’s new:

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