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Merge duplicates according to another field

I have two files: File_1 and File_2. File_1 has a list of ids. File_2 has a list of ids, and values. Example:




I would like to output


This is my code:
cat File_1 | while read line; do id=”$line”; cat File_2 | while read line; do echo “$line $id”; done

But it returns


I know why. The while command in the cat line don’t allow me to keep adding the line variable in the loop.
How can I add lines one after the other and only keep the first occurence of the id, which is unique in File_1?


Using awk:
awk -F, ‘NR==1 {ids[$1]} NR==FNR{ids[$1]=$2; next}!a[$1]++’ File_1 File_2

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syntax error

I am trying to write some java code but I keep getting an error. It says error, String cannot be dereferenced. The bit that keeps me puzzled is – String x = “text”; I am new

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