Smartlaunch 4.1 (Cracked) Internet Cafe Suite [UPD] 🤜🏿

Smartlaunch 4.1 (Cracked) Internet Cafe Suite —> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)


Smartlaunch 4.1 (Cracked) Internet Cafe Suite

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SmartLaunch 4.1 (Cracked) Internet Cafe Suite
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Links in ajax call are not working in chrome, whereas they work in IE

There is an ajax call to get data from a page. The code is the following:
var url = ‘Mypage.aspx/GetData’;

The page that is being loaded contains links, for example Yahoo, that are normally visible and working in IE.
In Chrome, however, when the div (div1) is loaded, if I click on a link, I get the alert that fires in IE (meaning that the script really works), but the link doesn’t change and the new page is shown in the same place. It seems that even the javascript is not executed.
I am interested in the solution if any because I would like that the ajax call has the same functionality that it has in IE. If you have a solution, please state it clearly

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