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Spatial distributions of sympathetic ganglia in the sweat gland and arteriovenous anastomotic regions of the rat glabrous skin.
The distribution of sympathetic ganglia in the palm and sole skin of the rat was studied by the retrograde axonal transport method using the fluorescent dye Fast Blue (FB) conjugated to WGA-HRP. While the existence of a hyperinnervated region in the vicinity of arteriovenous anastomoses was known, the distribution of sympathetic ganglia in the palm and sole skin had never been examined before. The present study revealed distinct differences in the distribution of sympathetic ganglia in the palm and sole skin. In the palm skin, two discrete areas were recognized; the intra-epidermal and sub-epidermal ganglia. In the sub-epidermis, ganglia were found scattered on the arteriovenous anastomotic region and the sebaceous glands, while in the epidermis, ganglia were found in the vicinity of the hair follicles. The sub-epidermal ganglia seemed to be densely packed in the area between the hair follicles and the arteriovenous anastomoses. In the sole skin, a continuous hyperinnervated region was found in the vicinity of the arteriovenous anastomoses, and a few ganglia were found outside this region.Look up “helicopter parents” and there’s a good chance you’re reading about the end of a Facebook friendship, said a new study by Australian parenting site Momtastic.

The study examined the effects of delayed parenting — when a parent is absent or unavailable — on children, and found kids become “fixated” or “obsessed” with the parent when they’re absent.

The study also found only one in six parents said they would allow their children to stay up to 1 a


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In the UK, we’ll be awaiting its release at the end of October, but we’ve been looking at its specs over the last few days and it appears to be a pretty great car, while retaining much of what made the original so pleasing to look at.

Its styling is likely to divide opinion. All eyes will undoubtedly be drawn to the slanted bonnet and long wheelarches, while they will likely also be drawn to the awkward way it looks in relation to the rest of the car, but to us it looks great.

Particularly in a day and age when rival vehicles are struggling to put on weight and are very rarely seen without some amount of plastic surgery, the Crosstour looks as good as it can possibly look.

The fact that it doesn’t use a protruding bonnet – or body cladding – is a clear indication that the designers at Honda have taken the whole piece of kit right to the core.

Its overall style is in fact very reminiscent of the Civic Type R, a car that while it might not win many first-year battle honours, was a huge hit for Honda.

The design of the front apron and bumper both suggest that the hatchback will have ample air flowing between its radiators and bonnet in similar fashion to the Type R, which is great news.



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