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set -e

if [ -z “$TORTURE_ARG_FILTER_GUC” ]; then
echo “This script requires a filter to be set in $TORTURE_ARG_FILTER_GUC”
echo “”
echo “Ex: -g filter=../core/nse_plugins/core_nse/nse_behaviors/generic/$TORTURE_ARG_FILTER”
echo “See $0 -help for usage information”
exit 1

torture test –torture-arg filter=$TORTURE_ARG_FILTER_GUC

echo “ main test on nse_plz_test_parser_parse.”
./ -s nse_plz_test_parser_parse.testparser -x nse_plz_test_parser_parse.testparser -b -p python
Comparative response of air-dried blood films and automated hematology analyzers in the quantitation of nuclear morphometry in the differential diagnosis of subpopulations of acute leukemias in humans.
The objective of the present study was to assess the reliability of nuclear morphometry (NM) using fluorescence microscopy and automated hematology analyzers in the differential diagnosis of acute leukemias. As a first step, we studied the reliability of two different methods of NM of the nuclear features. One method was to prepare blood films, a current conventional technique, and the other was to establish a reference nuclear morphometry index (NM Index

Sorry if my question is unclear. I need to know if:
1- Does.NET already contains.MOV video decoder? ( From what I’ve tried so far,.NET does not. I’ve been trying to find info online, but mostly all what I found was outdated info about “Virus total” and other checkers)
2-.NET will be able to handle MOV video or would it have to be decoded to a video container format (would this make.NET more complicated).
I am not trying to make a multiseat version of that application. In fact I am trying to make a version of that application that will run on my multiseat netbook without any form of video playback on it (no VLC, no.NET, no FFMPEG).
I am not a complete noob when it comes to.NET, I have made code before and I know how to install and configure.NET with my application, and how to program with it, I am just having a hard time finding a “ready to go” solution out there. I have found some code here and there, but it is always outdated.
I would really appreciate any tips / suggestions / answers to this.
PS : I am pretty new to coding myself, I will be very grateful to anyone who points me to some tutorials / article which would help me. I currently don’t even know how to name some of the things I am asking for.


I dont know how well.NET can handle video files, but here is an example of a video decoder that does exist.
You might want to look at this SO post.


How to fix the code for searching log for user name from the database?

I want to create a login application which uses a username and password to verify the details.
I have tried to create the code which verifies the username and password from the database.
This code is not functioning properly.
When I type the correct password and user name the the program gives the correct output.
However when I enter incorrect the output it shows blank screen.
Does anyone have solution?

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