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our fascination with emoji-based matches is only increasing with the increase in online dating. i remember having to sort through a couple hundred matches on bumble to find my first now, i’m lucky to get a handful.

a new wave of dating apps, like everything, seeks to fulfill users’ curiosity about one another. there are a variety of ways in which they do this, including the option to see videos of users on dating apps they’ve downloaded.

instead of only seeing a photo of a person on tinder, users have the option of seeing a profile with much more information. each profile offers a list of interests and details about hobbies and interests.

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bi becomes a popular word. bi is everywhere and can mean everything. it’s a slang term that basically means gay, lesbian, and bisexual. but back in the day, it had a whole lot of negative connotations. bi refers to someone who has divided loyalties, which can cause them to do things for the benefit of one gender instead of the other. bi people often have some type of sexual attraction to both men and women, and most can be comfortable with being in either same-sex or mixed-sex relationships.

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