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Artesia (Art, Artesanal, Artesano, Artesian, Artesian Waters, Artesian Water, Artesian water).

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The president says his priority is fixing health care. “I am in favor of — as is, by the way, is Speaker Pelosi — essentially a single payer system, where all Americans can get great care. But it is controlled, as you know, by the state and the state governors and the state insurance commissioners and the state insurance departments, and we have no governors, very few, but most of the state insurance commissioners are Democrats. And the truth of the matter is it is a nightmare, it is a wacko,” Trump told reporters Wednesday at the White House. “So we’re talking about something that is a disaster, when you look at what’s happening, the premiums are going through the roof and through the ceiling and essentially more and more people are going without insurance — it’s a night-mare.”

The president continued: “I’m in favor of a single-payer system, where there is one payer, it’s the federal government payer, and the insurance companies are gone.”

“That would be, in my view, a single-payer system, where the federal government pays the bill, and it’s very fair. It’s what we should have. And frankly, it’s what the state loves because the state gets to keep the money. We’re doing an audit of Obamacare right now. We’ll be sending a very comprehensive report to Congress. We’ll be sending probably two, three, four, who knows — I can’t believe we’re talking about all of these things, but we are. But we’re also going to be talking about single-payer, if that’s possible. We’re going to be talking about infrastructure and we’re going to be talking about a lot of things. And I think the Republican Party is going to be in good shape.”

Trump also talked about his other priorities like veterans, border security and the economy.

“The economy is doing very well, and you see things that are happening, you see the unemployment figures coming down very substantially, and you see some numbers, even, from the

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