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Vertical align in zeroclipboard

I have a textarea where the user can enter a short description.
I use zeroclipboard to copy the textarea content to clipboard and make it clickable.

However when I copy the short description (ex. “Hello, World!”) the cursor is just below the text and user may not be able to copy the whole description.
Is there any way to fix this?


There’s no native option to fix the cursor position on paste.
But an example can be achieved with a few minor adjustments to zeroclipboard’s code.
$(“#shortDesc, #longDesc”).keyup(function(){
$(‘#clip’).prop(‘disabled’, true);
$(‘#print’).attr(‘value’, ‘”+$(“#longDesc”).val()+”‘);
$(‘#clip’).text(function(i, text){
var textlen = text.length;
return textlen? text[0].length +’chars remaining’ : ‘No text remaining’;


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