Il Confessionale Subtitles ⏩

Il Confessionale Subtitles ⏩



Il Confessionale Subtitles

Il Confessionale Subtitles by: Kari Amira – Based on the novel by: Cecilia Placida – Music: Cecilia Placida – Produced by: Kari Amira
“The Confession” is a chilling story of a young woman, who has a sinner friend.
The confession is a thrilling adventure as the girl has to take a journey to find her sinner friend.
She falls in love with the man.
One day, she sees her friend in the streets of town, and their conversation takes place.
The confession is

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The subject matter is amazing: a priest seducing a young bride and. Il confessionale english subtitles.
Il confessionale is the name of a 90 min Italian horror film, released in 1972, but commonly referred to as I confessioni, also often shortened to Il confessionale.
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