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In the last years of the Franco regime, two men (Jordi Vilches, Angel de Andrés López) discover that their interest in UFOs has come to the attention of the government. ## #Platillos volantes. 2003 Directed by Oscar Aybar. Synopsis. Based on a true story, 1972 by Juan and José. Gomez were abducted by a military helicopter that landed on the seashore in the La Marcheseña area. The prisoners were taken to a military hospital and began to prepare for the operation. And only thanks to their father, Juan and José managed to escape from the hospital, but on the way back they were captured and killed (they were killed by the military, who took them to the hospital). But that was only the beginning of the torment. Soon two more families from La Marcheseña found themselves in exactly the same position as Gomez and Juan.

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