FS2004 – Alphasim SU-33 Naval Flanker Admiral Kuznetsov.rar

FS2004 – Alphasim SU-33 Naval Flanker Admiral Kuznetsov.rar


FS2004 – Alphasim SU-33 Naval Flanker Admiral Kuznetsov.rar


The following is the.rar file that is inside the.zip file:

What is the process to install.rar files?


The quickest way is to extract the.rar file to a folder.
Run 7-zip (see below).
Select the.rar file and press “Extract”
After the.rar file has been extracted, the program will display that the extract is complete.
You can then go to your main folder and move or copy the.rar file (drag and drop) from the extracted folder to the location on your computer where you have installed your software.


How to get the name of the current profile in C# as seen in the file explorer?

I want to find the name of the current profile in C#. I am able to get it using Environment.Profile.Name. It works fine if the current profile is active and I open the Properties dialog. However, when the current profile is inactive, I get the name of the default profile.
For example, if I run C:\Users\Administrator> in cmd, in Windows Explorer, I see it as:

When C:\Users\Administrator> is selected, I see the name of the profile as:


It can be done using GetUserProfileDirectory Method.
string profileDirectory = Path.GetDirectoryName(Path.GetDirectoryName(System.Diagnostics.Process.GetCurrentProcess().MainModule.FileName));

From large-sized display panels of TV sets or the like to small-sized driver circuits of liquid crystal display panels or the like, a thin film transistor (TFT) is used as a semiconductor switch element. The thin film transistor has a semiconductor layer made of polycrystalline silicon or amorphous silicon which is formed on an insulating substrate, gate and source electrodes formed on the semiconductor layer, and a drain electrode formed on the semiconductor layer on the side opposite to the source electrode.
When a driver circuit of a liquid crystal display panel is manufactured using a thin film transistor made of polycrystalline silicon, a thin film transistor of, for example, an inverted stagger type is generally used.
FIG. 9A is a cross-sectional view of a thin film transistor of a conventional inverted stagger type. In a thin film transistor of an inverted stagger type, a gate electrode 12 is formed on an insulating substrate 11



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