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Saturday, November 12, 2013

The Walking Dead: Escaping The Prison

By Claudius

The day had not gone well for us the last time we tried to escape the prison. When we had entered the guards did not have to shoot or kill us, which was good. We thought it was a good sign. That the guards would not shoot us was a bad sign. We soon learned that the bad signs won out.

The first bad sign was the sound of an approaching vehicle. We quickly learned that the prison had installed a motion detector and camera system that would alert them to our escape attempts. We could have easily just hidden in the prison until they caught us, or moved against the front of the prison. But, as we exited the prison and hid behind an old building, we could see our convoy of four highly armored vehicles enter the gate. I really had thought that we were a hard target to get to, but I was wrong. Each vehicle was equipped with a gun, or machine gun, all aimed in our direction. We felt like sitting ducks.

We waited, expecting any moment an attack from the cars in our direction. I wondered how they would attack. Would they have men with guns? Would they have a tank or helicopter?

The door to the prison slowly opened, and someone emerged. The first out was dressed like a Mexican Mariachi, with a sombrero on. He held a shotgun. The next guard out was dressed in camouflage. The third was dressed in a SWAT uniform with gloves and a revolver, and he also had a shotgun. The last guard to exit the prison was dressed in what appeared to be a Confederate soldier uniform. He did not have a shotgun. He did not have a revolver, but he

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